Say yes. Start now.

iStock_000010247056SmallSure death awaited me in the abyss. Immobilized by fear, my feet were stones. My nine-year old instincts warned me: water beneath Camp Hilltop’s swim dock would rush into my head as gravity dragged me to its three-foot bottom. I stood petrified on NO.

It was silly then. It’s even sillier now. Because, even today I occasionally allow NO to keep me high and dry from new ideas, opportunities, or adventures. Confession is good for the soul. That’s why this is my first post of the new year. It’s a challenge to me—and you. Continue Reading

Lessons on better direct response ads from Batman and Hitler

Batman-and-HitlerGotta love Batman. Amazing skills. Cool tools. Resolute commitment. Nice. But, what good would all that be were there no Riddler, Joker, or, more recently, no Bane.

It doesn’t take a hero to make a villain. Quite the contrary. Heroes rise in their conquest of a villain. This good-vs-evil juju makes for great direct response ads.Continue Reading

Five success principles NASA used to reach the moon available to you

“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”

NASA PhotoAsk anyone over 55 and they’ll recall with crystal clarity the moment Neil Armstrong spoke those eight words into our generation’s identity. We were changed by NASA’s feat in a way I can’t explain to my children. Their reality naturally includes boot marks on the moon. To those of us who remember, though, seeing it happen made us wish we could be astronauts on a mission. Continue Reading

YouTube wants to cut a hole in your boat, but they’ll bring lunch

no youtubeYou and a friend agree to go fishing. You have the boat. He brings lunch. Fair deal—until you reach the middle of the lake. Sitting with hook in the water, you’re startled by a sawing sound. Turning, you find your pal, saw in hand, cutting a hole in the boat. As water rushes in, he says, “yeah, I know this looks bad. But, I brought lunch!”

That’s the deal made with YouTube every time you upload a video. The boat is your video. Lunch is free streaming. YouTube’s ad content is the saw. The water rushing in? Competitors getting access to the eyeballs your video attracted. There’s good news: you have a choice.Continue Reading